Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Yes, it finally feels like winter and the White Dog Cafe knows how to keep you warm with coffee cocktails featuring Mexican coffee and whipped cream plus mulled cider, spiked and otherwise.

Full list after the jump.

White Dog Coffee Cocktails
Made with freshly brewed, organic Mexican coffee and home made whipped cream for $7.50 each.

Border Beagle – Tia Maria
Dog Bite – Irish Cream & Irish Whiskey
Lassie Come Home – Frangelico
French Poodle – Grand Marnier
Ciao! Ciao! Chow – Nocello
Perro Mas Mal – Tequila, Brandy & Kahlua
Irish Setter – Jameson
Chihuahua – Kahlua
Man’s Best Friend – Amaretto
Hand That Feeds You – Rum & Grand Marnier
Dog Lick – Irish Cream

Hot Toddies
Made with farm fresh hot, mulled apple cider from the farm. Plain is $3 and spiked is $7.50

Plain Hot Apple Cider
mulled with cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, nutmeg and anise.

Kentucky Toddy
made with Maker’s Mark bourbon and mulled apple cider.

Tuaca Toddy
made with Tuaca vanilla liqueur and mulled apple cider.

Rum Apple Toddy
made with Myers dark rum and mulled apple cider.

Hot Apple Pie
made with amaretto, mulled apple cider and homemade whipped cream.

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