Countdown to Philly Beer Week: Day 28


In just four short weeks, Philly Beer Week–the most blessed 10 days in the life of Philadelphia beer drinkers–will start up its engines.

If you’re like us, you’ve been poring over the burgeoning beer week calendar, cross-referencing, calculating and wondering how you can be in two places drinking two different beers at once.

Until we solve that quantum physics challenge, we’ll be featuring a daily pick from the beerlicious list of events, starting today!

Troegs makes one of our favorite easy-drinking beers ever, the delicious Nut Brown Ale, which is why we’re heading to Standard Tap to meet the brewers Chris and John Trogner on Wednesday, March 12th at 6p.m.

But wait! This means we’ll have to miss A Victorious Beer Dinner at the Four Season Hotel, which starts at 6:30!

Bill Colaveski, Brewmaster for Victory Brewing Company, will be at the Four
Seasons to discuss his beers, which our Executive Chef, Martin Hamann
has paired perfectly with his four-course dinner. Limited to 30 people in the Swann Cafe.

Unless we go to the dinner first and then swing by the Tap afterwards. Or figure out that pesky quantum physics issue.

Philly Beer Week [Official Site]