Matchmaking: Restaurants & Real Estate


Our dream job involves matching up real estate and restaurateurs. We find a location, we find a restaurateur, we tell them what concept will work there (this also involves us traveling around the world for research purposes) then everybody gives us money and we go away.  Does such a job exist? In the meantime, we do it for free in an imaginary world for your pleasure…

Now this would be a very interesting spot for Marc Vetri and/or Stephen Starr to open a restaurant. What, you think Vetri can’t rock South Broad like he’s rocking North Broad?

Actually, if we had our way, our favorite Mark–Mark Bee–would have his way with the former Broad Street Diner, although he seems to have enough on his plate with his chef troubles at Silk City. Perhaps the Royal Tavern/Cantina crew might like to step up?