Billy Joel Needs Help

Normally we don’t care about Billy Joel, despite being guilty of having seen him in concert when we were in middle school, but we came across this item in Dan Gross’s PhillyGossip:


Billy Joel was spied outside Rouge (205 S. 18th) looking at its menu this afternoon when a woman approached to ask the Piano Man if he needed a restaurant recommendation. Joel said he was meeting people at Devon (225 S. 18th) and indeed he did. Joel was seen there eating crab cakes and mahi-mahi clams.

If you were meeting people at the deeply uninteresting Devon, Mr. Joel, you definitely needed a recommendation. Of all of the great places to eat in Philly, that’s where you went? Clearly the Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corp needs to put out a restaurant guide for celebrities.

Then again, it is Billy Joel.

Billy Joel ducks into Devon for lunch [PhillyGossip]