Philly Mag Top 50

Philadelphia Magazine has come up with their first ever list of Philadelphia’s top 50 restaurants. Osteria came up on top but it’s some of the other choices that are sure to create some controversy. For example Le Bec-Fin is 26th and the Standard Tap, 11th. Marc Vetri’s other spot, Vetri was 7th.

But defining what makes a restaurant “best” was the subject of months of debate. We took into account food, atmosphere and service, of course. But we also considered even more amorphous ideas like value, consistency, identity and ambition. And every once in a while, we simply found ourselves charmed, as foodies often are, by bold ideas. After that, we argued, narrowing the region’s 8,000-plus restaurants to a list of 80 contenders and then to our final Philly Mag 50.

Among the other notable selections, brand new Supper is 14th and four Stephen Starr restaurants (Striped Bass (8), Morimoto (10), Barclay Prime (16) and El Vez (35)) make the list.

The Philly Mag 50 [Philadelphia Magazine]