Why Buy The Cow When You Can Clone It For Free?


I know food-related legislative issues can be boring, but pay attention when the government is messing with what you put inside of your body.

Everyone’s favorite WHYY radio personality Marty Moss-Coane spent the second hour of today’s Radio Times discussing the Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture’s recent ruling that dairies that do not inject synthetic growth hormone into their cows are NOT permitted to put this information on their labels. Once again, Pennyslvania was first in the nation to do something. Too bad it was once again something lame.

Whether you believe that growth hormone is harmful or not (and there are statistics to support both sides), if a company is required by law to list what is in its product, why shouldn’t it be able to say what is not? Listen to the podcast.

Also, the FDA says you can eat meat and drink milk from cloned animals now, so maybe growth hormone is the least of our concerns.

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