Extreme Beers, Extremely Expensive?


Just last week the NY Times praised extremely hoppy beers, but will skyrocketing hops prices make them a thing of the past? This article from philly.com seems to think so:

[Prices for] very hoppy beers might increase even more – or just disappear from the market – as the supply of prized aroma hops dries up.

It sounds like beer in general is going to have a rough year:

Unfortunately, the new year brings portents of major price increases. Hang out with some brewers and you’ll hear the phrase “perfect storm” tossed around a lot. A convergence of factors – bad harvests, reduced acreage, burgeoning demand for beer in China – is driving the price of barley and hops skyward.

We’re not giving up our craft beer habit, but maybe to save money we’ll drink less. Isn’t that how French Women Don’t Get Fat?

More than a head will be rising on beers [philly.com]