Ritzy Restaurant News

You may have heard that Eric Ripert, one of the country’s top chefs, is opening a restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Broad St., formerly home still home to the Grill. The Inky has the scoop on the restaurant’s name and chef:

I hear that the name will be 10 Arts by Eric Ripert, playing off the hotel’s address, 10 S. Avenue of the Arts. (I guess 10 S. Broad St. or “10 Broad” doesn’t have the same ring.) I’ve also heard that the chef whom Ripert will bring in to run it is a woman who grew up in Philadelphia. (Hence, “10 Broad” would also be sexist.)

Not to be sexist either, but Eric Ripert is HOT. Also, 10 Arts is not such a compelling name. We won’t hold it against him.

[Thanks to Michael Klein for reminding us the Grill at the Ritz is still open.]

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