Chatting with LaBan


Craig LaBan just finished up his weekly chat over at and it’s full of lamentations over the loss of Lakeside, plus commentary, questions and the usual shilling and hating.

We also get to hear what the LaBans did for Christmas (brunch at Lacroix) and New Year’s Eve:

I NEVER, EVER, EVER eat out at on NYE – it’s the worst night for overpriced mass-produced menus after Valentine’s Day. I was lucky enough to spend NYE in a snow-bound house in the Poconos, where I spun fresh semolina pasta and cooked a big pot of Mario Batali’s bolognese sauce (mix of veal, pork and pancetta, cooked with lots of veggies, milk, wine and just a touch of tomato paste) which is one of my all-time best go-to cold weather recipes.

Craig does not traffic in overhyped holidays with the proletariat. Also, he spins his pasta!

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