An End In Sight for the Case Law?

Pennsylvania liquor laws are required, probably by some other draconian Pennsylvania laws, to make your brain hurt. It’s like the government wants to punish you with a hangover before you even get to the store to buy the stuff.

Beer writer Lew Bryson breaks down the latest round of haggling in Harrisburg in a post on his blog Seen Through a Glass:

The case law may be in its last months, if your legislator votes for the right bill in the next few weeks. House Bill 606 is making its way to the PA House for a vote, very soon. It’s a standard bill about liquor code enforcement, very technical, but an amendment is being attached to it that changes the case law. The changes:

* Before January 1, 2009: Restaurant, deli or tavern may sell one 6-pack, two six-packs, a 12-pack or 3-six packs. A beer distributor may sell any number of six-packs, cases or kegs.

* After January 1, 2009: Restaurant, deli or tavern may sell any configuration up to 18 cans or bottles totaling 288 ounces. Beer distributors may sell any configuration of a 6 pack or greater.

Translation: If this bill passes, you will be able to buy six packs at distributors. Further translation: Pennsylvania slowly tiptoes away from Prohibition and towards the millenial light.

Lew recommends contacting your local legislator to show your support for the amendment. We also recommend prayer, finger-crossing and building a beer cellar in hopeful anticipation.

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