The Year In Review – April 2007

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. Today we take a look back at April 2007.

Dish of April

Soft Pretzels from Fisher’s Soft Pretzels

Kneaded into form by an assembly line of young Amish women, then baked and shoveled into the waiting bin. You’re asked if you would like yours with butter or not. Say yes. Decadence is its own reward. The fresh crisp crust on the outside breaks way to steaming warm bread on the inside. The butter, salt and pretzel all melting on your tongue. There’s no other pretzel that even comes close.


April News

Notable Openings

Triumph Brewing, Bistro Juliana, Chick’s Wine Bar, 707

Top Search Terms

tinto, xochitl, rum bar, zot, el wingador