What To Drink At Bindi

Bindi - Photo by Ryan Charles

Photo by Ryan Charles

When most people think BYO they immediately think wine but how about at an Indian BYO like Bindi? With no real Indian tradition of wine what should you bring to accompany your meal?

To ease your quandary Bindi, like Lolita offers mixers to pair with rum, tequila or vodka. They offer nimbu-arandano pani, an Indian lemonade with pomegranate and mango sharbat which features mango, gingered simple syrup and an Indian herb, green cardamom. We hear rum works best.

Or bring a good beer, Victory Prima Pils works well. But if you’re set on wine we received a couple of suggestions from David Moore of Moore Brothers.

I’ve had my best “successes” pairing sweeter German Riesling with, say tandoori chicken and lighter vegetables dishes in Indian restaurants. With lamb, and denser meat with lots of spice, I’ve liked Barbera from Alba (Italy) from very ripe harvests like 2003, 2005, and 2006.

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