Novemberfest Tomorrow

Hey you’re going to go out drinking anyway. So why not start early and justify it by knowing you’re abusing your liver on behalf of your boobs!

Novemberfest is a bar crawl supporting breast cancer awareness.

Bars and deals after the jump.


1:00p-2:30p: Bards ~ 20th and Walnut
($2 Lager Draughts, $2 Miller Lite Draughts)

2:45p-4:15p: Smiths ~ 19th Between Market and Chestnut
($1 off ALL Draughts, $2 Lager and, $2 Bud Light)

4:30p-6:00p: Black Sheep ~ 17th and Locust~ Upstairs
($3.50 ALL Draughts, $3 Bud Light Aluminum Eagles Bottles)

6:15p-7:45p: Nodding Head ~ 15th and Sansom
(Unfortunately Nodding Head will not be able to help us with drink specials this year)

8:00p-9:30p: Fado ~ 15th and Locust
($4 Lager Draughts)

9:45p-11:15p: Fox and Hound ~ 15th and Spruce
(Coors Light Specials)

Official After Party
Josè Pistolas~ Just North of 15th and Spruce
($3.50 SlyFox Pilsner, $2 Domestic Bottles, $4 Blanche de Bruxelle)