Talula’s Table In PhillyMag

Talula’s Table
Philadelphia Magazine reviews Talula’s Table and find it’s a destination worth heading to.

It’s at these private dinners that the skills and obsessions of owners Aimee Olexy and Bryan Sikora find their ultimate expression. Through a combination of sourcing and sorcery, fresh ingredients obtained, even foraged, from the surrounding area are transformed into elegant dishes that remind us what all the excitement over Django was about. Olexy and Sikora sold that acclaimed Philadelphia BYOB in 2005, and this more personal style seems to suit them even better than a conventional restaurant. It’s a heightened dining experience: Eating with a group of friends at a communal table, interacting with the chef and servers on a more intimate level than is possible in a busy restaurant, and sharing wines from fellow diners’ cellars all amplify the deeper social aspects of eating.

Food: A
Service: B
Atmosphere: B

Review: A Seat at the Table [Philadelphia Magazine]