Reviving The Ohio House

Ohio House
Developer David Groverman had leased the Ohio House in Fairmount Park at Belmont Avenue and Montgomery Drive is turning it into the Centennial Cafe. It’s still a couple weeks away from officially opening but that someone’s even trying to revive the building is exciting.

Groverman, who has developed prosaic shopping centers (Overbrook Plaza and Ardmore Plaza) and dabbled extensively in the antiques business, said he’d pay homage to Hires with the Park Float, an ice-cream float. Also on the menu will be Capogiro gelato, smoked chicken salad, soups, panini, wraps, and, not least, smoked brisket from a personal recipe that he contends produces, if not “the Greatest Brisket Ever Made,” at least a stupefyingly fine smoked brisket.

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