Blackbird Chef Arrested

The soup nazi was never arrested but the same can’t be said for Blackbird Eating Establishment chef Alex Capasso.

According to Collingswood police captain Richard Sarlo, a dispute took place on Wednesday, October 24th, between Capasso and a group of hungry customers who felt that he had given their table away to another party. A confrontation ensued in front of a packed room of diners, and Sarlo says that Capasso “pushed and shoved” the customers. Eventually, the fight went outside, where, Sarlo says, Capasso punched one of the men in the eye. The man was treated by an ambulance but refused to be taken to the hospital. Police were called, and Capasso was arrested and charged with simple assault.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest from both sides of the altercation. [The Daily Examiner]
EXCLUSIVE: Chef Alex Capasso Arrested for Assaulting a Customer [Daily Examiner]