Checking Out The Belgian Cafe

Belgian Cafe
Photo by Ryan Charles
McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail checks out the beer and food at the Belgian Cafe in Fairmount.

At the moment, the kitchen at The Belgian Café seems to be running a step behind the standard set at the original Monk’s Café. With a bit of fine tuning – the mussels need just a bit more flavor concentration to their broth while the burgers would benefit from a sturdier roll, such as the stirato served at Monk’s, and a surer hand at the stove – I hope the food will rise in quality as the design of the restaurant takes its final shape. The well thought out structure, ample space and relaxed atmosphere are already enough to make The Belgian Café a worthy destination for pilgrims in search of fine ale and chow as well as a regular watering hole for the denizens of Fairmount.

A Burger and a Beer: The Belgian Café [McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail]