Talula’s Table

Talula’s Table

Craig LaBan doesn’t give out any bells to Talula’s Table but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of his favorite meals of the year. Instead of giving a formal review of the Kennett Square market LaBan walks us through his meal and how the former owners of Django wound up in Chester County.

Word of Talula’s farmhouse-table tasting dinners, served to just one group of 8 to 12 a night, four or five nights a week, has wafted far across the foodie grapevine like a very warm and tempting breeze. Kennett Square is a long hour’s drive from Center City at the height of evening traffic. Could it possibly be worth the anticipation of a reservation made nearly two months in advance?

Olexy and her staff immediately began pouring from the bottles of chilled Sancerre brought by one of my guests. (All the wines are BYO.) And as I nibbled hungrily on warm puff pastry breadsticks perfumed with butter and a whiff of anchovy, I took an eager glance at the artfully printed menus laid at our place settings.

One of the best meals I’ve eaten all year was about to unfold.

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