Coquette Leads French Charge

Coquette Bistro & Raw Bar
The days of freedom fries are behind us and French cuisine is making a big comeback in Philadelphia especially at Coquette, the storefront bistro at 4th and Bainbridge.

The raw bar, on the other hand, is in full effect. Neff, owner of Sansom Street Oyster House, clearly knows seafood, so take advantage of the offerings here. We sampled the house oysters, giant creamy Long Island Blue Points arrayed on crushed ice with vines of black seaweed, lemon wedges and twin cups of cocktail sauce and mignonette. The raw bar also features changing selections from both coasts. When we visited it was the Pacific Chef Creek oyster from Newfoundland, a plump dark-edged flower of a bivalve, and the Salutation Cove oyster from Prince Edward Island, which is juicy, salty and crisp.

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