Jose Pistolas Menu

We picked up a copy of Jose Pistolas menu the other night and wanted to share. Tacos, sopes and burritos, oh my.

The following are offered in taco, sope, burrito and nacho form:
Chicken Roja – Poached chicken in salsa roja
Chicken Verde – Poached chicken in salsa verde
Beef – Thinly sliced steak cooked a la plancha
Carnitas – Pork braised in it’s own fat and Mexican cola

Tacos – Soft white corn tortillas, served with diced Spanish onion, cilantro and lime $3.25

Sope – House made sopes, with refried beans, pickled onion and jalepenos, tomato, cilantro, iceberg lettuce crema, and queso fresco $4.25

Burrito – Flour tortilla with rice, pinto beans, 3 cheeses, tomato, pickled onion and jalepeno, and cilantro $7.50

Nachos – Includes refried beans, 3 cheeses, tomato, pickled jalepeno and onion, cilantro, and cream $11.50

Fish Tacos
Malta marinated house smoked swordfish, iceberg lettuce, and pickled jalepeno served in a warm gordita $4

Red Snapper cooked a la plancha in soft white corn tortillas, with a papaya, jicama, pickled jalepenos and herb salad $4

Tempura battered grouper, tossed in spicy myo, with a cabbage salad and pickled onion in soft corn tortillas $4