Bistro Juliana in Fishtown

Bistro Juliana

Adam Erace visits Fishtown’s Bistro Juliana and finds it may not be as good as sibling Radicchio, it is certainly a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Take the octopus ($10). Sliced into coins, the tentacles were so amazingly tender their supple texture was more like filet mignon than any cephalopod I’ve ever tasted. Chickpeas, celery and red onion created dynamic contrast, each lemon-brightened, caper-studded, herb-showered forkful ricocheting from crunchy to tender to creamy, savory to sweet to sour and back again. The generous drizzle of fruity extra-virgin olive oil didn’t hurt either.

The piquant tricolore salad (9), a forest of bitter endive, biting radicchio, and peppery arugula was the stuff light summer dinners are made of. Salty curls of Parmigiano-Reggiano mingling with the greens were nice punctuations, and seriously acidic lemon vinaigrette was as refreshing as water ice.

Bistro is welcome addition to burgeoning neighborhood [Courier Post]
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