Great Market For Philadelphia

Headhouse Square
Rick Nichols strolls the stalls at the Headhouse Square Farmers Market on a recent Sunday taking in the sights, sounds and tastes.

“Great cities deserve great markets,” recites Nicky Uy, the laid-back, on-site manager for the Food Trust, the market’s nonprofit sponsor.

And so as farmers displayed cascades of heirloom tomatoes and polished onions, and the scent of toasting corn tortillas rose from Los Taquitos de Puebla portable griddle, there were palpable resonances of San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza farmers’ market, and (as chef Marcie Turney and her partner, Valerie Safran, shopped for greens for the Head House Square Farmers’ Market Salad they’re running as a weekly special at Lolita) of the Union Square greenmarket in Manhattan, which inspires menus at cafes on its flank.

On the Side | In Head House, hearing market echoes [Philadelphia Inquirer]