Cantina Los Caballitos’ Tequila & Dessert Pairing

Los Caballitos
Cantina Los Caballitos has a decadent evening coming up. Tuesday, August 28th at 9 PM the Cantina is hosting another edition of its Tequila Club. This time the 6 after-dinner tequilas and 4 desserts will be featured. These tequilas are sipped and savored much like a French cognac, not slammed down like you’re on spring break in Cancun.

Featured Tequilas and desserts after the jump.

Featured Tequilas:
~ Don Eduardo
~ Tres Generaciones
~ Sol Dios
~ Corazon
~ El Tesoro
~ Don Julio 1942

Featured Desserts:
~ Mexican Chocolate Flan
~ Dulce de Leche Natilla
~ Guava and Cream Cheese Empanadas
~ “Plantanos Machos”(Cantina’s version of bananas foster)

$25 per person includes four desserts and six anejo tequilas

Cantina Los Caballitos [MySpace]