Misconduct Doesn’t Hamper Burger

Misconduct Tavern
Brian McManus loves the burger at the Misconduct Tavern despite it taking four trips to get the sandwich at the advertised $5 price.That must be a tasty burger.

Sometimes you just need a burger. Fortunately there are plenty of places in Center City to score a fix for that jones when it inevitably hits, but none of them compares to the meaty, moist and delicious patties at Misconduct.

Their version is simply divine. Possibly the best in the city. It tastes like it’s made of ground tenderloin. After first bite I knew I’d be back for it two, maybe three times a week. Heart be damned. This burger is $5? It’s too good to be true.

Then the bill came, and it turned out it was too good to be true. On it, the burger—advertised on a chalkboard outside as $5—was $8.50.

The waiter’s explanation: “You need to order the lunch burger to get it for $5.”

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