Delivery Worth Going Out For

Craig LaBan takes a look at Tiffin, the Indian restaurant/delivery service set up by a Wharton grad on Girard Avenue.

The bone-in tandoori chicken is plump and juicy, its yogurt and chile-marinated meat ringing with mustard oil and ginger and the singe of a charcoal roast. This kitchen works off-the-bone chicken wonders, too, as in creamy tomato butter chicken, the juicier dark-meat cousin to the white-meat “tikka masala,” both of which exude cardamom and clove and smoke-toasted fenugreek leaves.

We also loved the special mint chicken, breast meat napped in an herbaceous green puree that pulsed with fresh chile heat and mint. The badami chicken tikka was another surprise hit, tenderized in a white marinade of sour cream, pureed almonds and roasted fennel seeds that proves flavorful Indian cooking isn’t always incendiary.

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