Parenthood, More Than Chucky Cheese

Best Kids Menu
Our friends at Dancing Meatballs gave us a couple good suggestions for family friendly restaurants that don’t have a giant mouse for a mascot. Their first suggestion is the Pop Shop in Collingswood “which has an extensive kids menu, ‘school nights’, kids events like Saturday morning pajama party, stroller accessibility, diaper changing stations, and wait staff who deal well with kids.” Even at the top end there is room for kids. “The Fountain at Four Seasons has the most kid friendly wait staff I have ever met. A tired and grouchy kid can be offered everything from free balloons, coloring books and crayons, to a visit to the kitchen and a room to rest in.”

So where else is there where the sight of a child in a stroller doesn’t prompt eye rolling by the staff and the amenities to keep a child occupied extend beyond a set of broken crayons.

Leave your suggestions in the comments.

The Pop Shop [Official Site]
Fountain Room [Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia]