Quick Bites

City Grange has a soft opening date set for August 6th. The Westin based restaurant will focus exclusively on local and sustainable ingredients from food to drink. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Will Bindi name stick for 13th Street Indian eatery by Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran? Michael Klein reports that Stephen Starr’s attempt to name a restaurant Bindi was rejected because a copyright is held on the name by Bindi by the Crocodile Hunter. The late Steve Irwin’s daughter is named Bindi. As for what Starr restaurant is in line for an Indian makeover, signs point to Washington Square although A.D. Amorosi also mentions Tangerine could be the target. [Inqlings, Philadelphia Inquirer]

Jose Garces is planning on expanding his restaurant empire to Chicago where he will be opening a “Barcelonan-style tapas and charcuterie” restaurant with a Mexican wrestler themed decor. [ZAGAT Buzz]

The ZAGAT New York City Market Place shopping guide for 2007-2008 gave Moore Brothers “Highest Rated” in every category. [Moore Brothers]