A Look At Nubile Coquette

Blogalicious pays an early visit to Coquete Bistro & Raw Bar and finds lots off good stuff and even three areas for improvement.

For only being open a few days, the food was astoundingly good, from the house-baked breads served with a dollop of mild chicken liver pâté to the intense lavender ice cream that’s like a scoop full of Bath & Body Works, in a good way. Highlights included coquilles St. Jacques and littlenecks over braised leeks and nuggets of summer corn; banners of rainbow trout, simply sautéed till the skin was a crisp cracker; chilled beet soup, the magenta shade of a burlesque dancer’s lipstick, with a cloud of zippy horseradish crème fraîche; duck rillettes, served in a glass canning jar as if it were pulled from the cupboard of a French grandmother; and a nice board of six cheeses with sweet onion marmalade, fresh red currants, and hazelnut butter that tastes like Nutella minus the chocolate.

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