Justin’s Entertains

Philadelphia Weekly keeps it real this week, reviewing Justin’s Snack Corner, a no-frills all-day breakfastst steak sandwich, hoagie takeout spot in West Philly.

Justin cooks up a storm as he holds court in the manner of Cedric the Entertainer in the Barbershop movies.

The burgers at Justin’s are cooked through, but are moist and delicious nonetheless. A well-seasoned flattop seals in juices better somehow, and the one here gets a mighty workout. The cheesesteaks are oh-so-gooey, flavorful and served on rolls soft enough to give your gums a break, but crusty enough to count.

Anything with eggs at Justin’s will make your eyes roll into the back of your head. They just know how to cook them—fluffy, buttery and seldom marred by that ugly brown overcooking that turns eggs into ughs. Justin’s griddle-masters make a mean French toast, and a perfect stack of pancakes—the kind you’re sick of halfway through (just as you should be). Both come with generous pats of salted butter that tastes a little odd. It’s best to have it on the side and add tiny bits as wanted.

Anything off the griddle satisfies, but nothing more so than the out-of-this-world potato hash. The outer layer develops a perfect brown crispness that gives way to a fluffy cloud of starch.

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