Tiny Sushi Shines

Old City’s Uzu might be tiny but Philadelphia Weekly finds the sushi fresh and well prepared.

The shining star arrives in the form of a firecracker roll. Shrimp tempura cozies up with fresh avocado in a bulky rice-cocoon topped with spicy tuna, crunchy fried sprinkles and tobiko (flying fish roe). What threatens to be an overwhelming onslaught of flavors and textures harmonizes with distinct smooth, crunchy and salty notes. That is, if you can fit the monster in your mouth.

The firecracker’s sister, the dynamite roll, confirms that the chef’s specials are where Uzu excels. Lump crab and spicy tuna innards are rice-wrapped and layered with strips of tuna and avocado spiked with a dollop of jalapeno sauce. Chef Nguyen isn’t afraid to add a real kick—yet the quality of the fish doesn’t get lost in the multiple layers.

Raw Some [Philadelphia Weekly]
Uzu [Official Site]