Quick Bites

The Illadelph has a first look and name for The Georges Perrier, Chris Scarduzio restaurant set for the Comcast Center. The name is Table 31, which may seem a quizzical name till you realize that’s considered the best table at Brasserie Perrier. Table 31 will be a monster of a restaurant. More than 15,000 square feet over 3 floors. [The Illadelph]

A.D. Amorosi’s Icepack reports that the Dive is rumored to be closed or closing. This is in contrast to a recent Dive My Space bulletin says that not only are they open but they’ve got their smoking waiver. [Icepack, City Paper]

Rumor has it Copa Too won’t sit empty too long as Fergie’s ex-manager Jo Gunn is looking to open Jose Pistolas, a “beer bar with Mexican flavor.” [Icepack, City Paper]

A couple of new Italian restaurants have landed. Franco’s Trattoria has taken the spot once held by Verge off of Kelly Drive in East Falls. And 23rd and Walnut has a new Italian BYO Salento where Fellini’s Cafe. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]