Meatball Mondays At London Grill

Meatball Mondays
Rick Nichols takes note that we are living in the “moment of the meatball.” From premier cheesery, DiBruno Brothers where you can find “red-gravy sliders” for lunch to premier tapas spot Amada, where finely ground lamb balls grace the menu, the meatball is definitely back on top.

At London Grill they’re celebrating the ground lumps of meat with “Meatball Monday.” And chef-owner Michael McNally is busy playing mad scientist with the dish.

The rotating list of Monday meatballs is spinning out of control – lamb and goat cheese with mint, veal and spinach with mozzarella and tomato, tuna with Moroccan tomato sauce, shrimp with red-curry coconut sauce, turkey with mole sauce, white bean with roasted garlic sauce, salmon and bacon with dill sauce and horseradish (McNally found that salmon without added fat tended to dry out), and venison, and artichoke, and crab, and beef, and, certainly, pork with sage-brown butter sauce. To mention a few.

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