Learn At Tria

Still a few seats left for this Thursday’s Sweet Life course at the Tria Fermentation School. Yards co-owner Tom Kehoe will discuss and pour tasty brews made with sweet, sweet sugar.

On Friday Liz Thorpe, Director of Wholesale at Murray’s Cheese in New York introduces the cheeses of summer at the School.

Tuesday, July 10th will see Victory Brewing’s Bill Covaleski and Tria’s Michael McCaulley team up for a class all about beer and cheese.

Wednesday July 11th “cheese superstar” Seth K brings his expertise to a very fulfilling tasting of sheep’s milk cheese from around the world. And plenty of wine to wash it all down.

Tuesday, July 24th brings drinks writer Lew Bryson to the Fermentation School to spread the word about “session beer.” There will be low-alcohol, high-taste, summer brews to taste while Bryson preaches the gospel of the Session.