Dry And Dusty At 707

707 Restaurant & Bar
Phyllis Stein-Novack tackles the American menu at 707 and she comes up unimpressed.

The grilled meatloaf ($15) consisted of a dried-out slab of overcooked beef that tasted like sawdust. There was a dollop of thyme gravy on the plate about the size of a 50-cent piece. The broccoli was cold, but the potatoes were OK.

My crab cakes ($19) were dry and dusty, as well. I liked the crunchy tops, but the crabmeat should have been creamy. The french fries were freshly made but the run-of-the-mill cole slaw was warm and the watery mayonnaise ran all over the plate.

One tip of the toque to 707 Restaurant & Bar.

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