Two Tips Of The Toque To Yello’Bar

Phyllis Stein-Novack checks out Yello’Bar, the latest bar in the Graduate Hospital area.

There are all sorts of burgers on the bill of fare, but Mom is a purist. She likes hers medium-rare with no topping. It arrived as ordered with lettuce and tomato on the side. There had to be a half-pound of ground sirloin, so we cut it for easier eating. A pile of hot, grease-free curly fries came with her dinner.

I have loved Carolina pulled pork ever since I first tasted it many years ago. I ordered this Southern classic in a sandwich ($9), which had a slight taste of vinegar — the traditional ingredient. I thought it was skimpy compared to the burger. Still, it was tender and tasty and served on a fresh ciabatta roll. I also received a pile of the tasty curly fries.

Traditional Irish favorites such as shepherd’s pie are on the menu. Edward loves my beef stew with red wine so he wanted to try Yello’Bar’s ($9), which was a jumbo pot pie covered in puff pastry. The stew itself was delicious, chock-full of carrots, celery, potatoes and beef. The stock was laced with Guinness and imparted a fine flavor. The crust remained crisp and not a bit soggy.

Two tips of the toque to Yello’Bar.

Yello’Bar [South Philly Review]