Limoncello & More at Positano Coast

Adam Erace of blogalicious tries out the food at ambiance at Alberto Lamberti’s Positano Coast. He finds both shine and the limoncello is pretty great too.

The second-story Old City aerie recently unveiled Sopra, an open-air lounge of marshmallow daybeds, floating lanterns, gossamer curtains, lime and lemon trees sprouting baby fruits, and pillows blue as the Mediterranean. Murals of the tiny seaside city for which the restaurant is named cover the walls, all twisted stone perched precariously on a green mountainside, as if the faintest breeze would send the town tumbling down to the sea. It’s romantic, for sure, but bad food has the way of killing the mood at even the prettiest restaurants. Fortunately, Positano Coast’s menu of Italian small plates (crafted by consulting chef Daniel Stern of Gayle and Rae) is both fresh and memorable.

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