Craft In The Can

Sly Fox Royal Weisse in a can
Rick Nichols finds that you can get fine craft beer in a can, even at Monk’s Cafe.

Expectations were raised. Style was elevated. Thus, when you belly up to the venerable bar and order a featured Pikeland Pils, the exquisite, German-style pilsner from Sly Fox, the Phoenixville brewer, there is one thing you are not in any way conditioned for: The stuff, my friend, comes in a can.

You heard that right: Craft beer(s) in a can.

Felicia, the backroom bartender at Monk’s, has seen the reaction: “You slap it down on the bar, and they look surprised.” Like the first time you order fine wine at a white-tablecloth place, and the waiter unscrews the cap at the table.

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