Chef’s Table At Talula’s Table

Talula’s Table
David McDuff lucks into the first seating at the chef’s table at Talula’s Table, the market in Kennett Square by Aimee Olexy and Bryan Sikora, the original owners of Django. After 8-courses it all boils down to a single word, “wow!”

At $85 per person (plus tax and tip) for a meal like this, you’d be hard pressed not to consider it a culinary steal. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the offering evolve over time into a slightly smaller number of courses. I can seriously eat but many of my dining companions began to struggle with finishing their courses at about round five or six. The atmosphere at Talula’s is wonderfully pacific, like a cross between an elegant country inn and the comfort of your own dining room.

Dining at a Virgin Table
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