Quick Bites

Paddy’s Well is open in Fishtown, serving Pabst and BBQ with Bushmill Irish Whiskey sauce. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Sabrina’s Café and Spencer’s Too is about a week away from bringing the loitering masses hungering for French toast a place to eat in Fairmount. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Pearl is the name of the Red Sky backed spot set to open at the old Little Pete’s on Chestnut Street. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]

City Grange will be the sustainable food restaurant slated to open this Summer at the Westin in Liberty Place. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]

Bring on the dancing women. The word in Icepack is that the Penthouse Lounge isn’t doing well and is now doing after-hours. [Icepack, City Paper]

Bookbinders is opening at the shore. 1201 New Road in Linwood, NJ is the address, July is the opening. [Inqlings, Philadelphia Inquirer]