National Escargot Day At Le Bec-Fin

Escargot Day
Did you know that Thursday, May 24th is National Escargot Day in the United States? Well consider yourself informed.

And who better to celebrate National Escargot Day than with Le Bec-Fin?

Just $80 per person gets you the special snail-centric menu.

Menu after the jump:

Escargot en brioche
Wild mushroom consomme and marinated young snails vegetable brunoise
Grilled Snails flavored with vanilla jus de poulet au Mace
Snails “surf & turf”
Bordelaise sauce with snail butter
Cassolette of snails in champagne and hazelnut garlic butter
Roasted grouper, snail Bolognese, arugula emulsion
Champagne shot with tarragon coulis
Lamb saddle stuffed with snail persillade, braised lettuce lamb sauce flavored with preserved lemon
Le Bec-Fin cheese selection
Snails delight “Frasier”

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