Tonight, Election Edition

All the mayoral candidates and we’re sure everyone else running for mayor is hosting what they hope will be a victory party tonight.

Here are a few we are aware of:

  • Bob Brady has the Banquet Room of the Sheetmetal Workers Hall on Columbus Boulevard.
  • Dwight Evans is at the Marriott on Market Street.
  • Tom Knox is holding down the Loews Hotel.
  • Michael Nutter is at the Warwick.
  • DiCicco and Kenney are going to be at Finnigans Wake (Don’t know about having a political party at a place with wake in the name).

We’ll post more as we get it. Portions of the list are via The Clog.

If you’d prefer to ignore local politics there are of course a myriad of ways to do that. It’s dollar dog night at the Phillies game tonight.

And tonight is the kickoff of South Street’s 8 Days of Eats at Headhouse Square. Free samplings of food and beverage plus a performance by the cast of Hair. It all kicks off at 7 PM.