Craig LaBan Reviews Cresheim Cottage

Cresheim Cottage
Craig LaBan heads up the hill to visit Cresheim Cottage in Mt. Airy and despite a promising start at lunch LaBan finds Cresheim Cottage to be the epitome of a hit-or-miss review.

Entrees were equally unpredictable. I enjoyed the neat muffin-shaped chicken meatloaf, its lean meat enriched with molten blue cheese. But the onion rings on top were the highlight, their billowy beer-batter crisps focusing the onion’s sweetness. A simple lamb stew with chickpeas was satisfying (even if the meat was a little dry), its gravy scented with North African spice. I also appreciated the homier flavors of the roasted chicken breast with gnocchi and roasted mushrooms, though more tender, housemade dumplings would have been preferred.

One Bell – Hit or Miss

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