Philly Food Blog Wrap Up

Food Mode

It’s the Philly Food Blog Wrap Up and check out this new and essential tool to the food blogger, food mode.

Tre Scalini has moved and the atmosphere is a huge upgrade but rest assured the pastas are still “enchanting” and the meat and fish “are still excellent in quality and value.” [blogalicious]

Zocalo doesn’t score as well as the more authentic taquerias of South Philadelphia but it still has a time and a place. [Foodaphilia]

Lunch time at Sang Kee Asian Bistro featured some soups and delicious penang baked seafood fried rice. [foodzings]

The Astronomer and the Gastrometer do it up with brunch at Lacroix. 7 dishes and more than 50 photos of what the Astronomer called the “favorite meal that I have ever eaten at a restaurant.” [gas•tron•o•my]

Café Nhu Y serves a vegetarian Vietnamese hoagie and Mac & Cheese investigates. [Mac & Cheese]

A look at the bigger and fresher is better philosophy of Oceanaire Seafood Room. [PhilaFoodie]