Kildare’s Steps It Up

Kildare’s is taking action to help save the environment this Saturday at their King of Prussia location.

From 1 to 4 PM Kildare’s is hosting Step It Up, an event to help spread the word about global warming.

There’s a $25 donation at the door that gets you in to a select open bar, appetizers and live music. All proceeds benefit PennFuture.

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Kildare’s Hosts Step It Up Rally
Taking Action to Help Save the Environment
KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Come to Kildare’s in King of Prussia on Saturday, April 14 from 1pm – 5pm as they host
Step It Up an event to help spread the word about global warming.

Join Dave Magrogan and Kildare’s as they bring together segments of the business community, political representation, civic organizations and the general public. Network and learn how to be energy efficient, save money, make money and become a positive advocate of the environment.
WMMR’s Pierre Robert will also be on hand.

* Hear expert speakers
* See out-takes from films and documentaries
* Meet Local environmental resources
* Share your views with local politicians
* Learn how to make you home GREEN
* Find out about Kildare’s 25 steps to going GREEN

$25 donation at the door, includes select open bar, appetizers and live music. All profits go to PennFuture (

What is Global Warming?

Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere – this keeping our planet inhabitable. However, the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil, as well as the clearing of forests has increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. And average global temperatures are rising.

The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, that it is already happening and that it is the result of our activities – not solely a natural occurrence. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.

We’re already seeing changes. Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitat, the number of severe storms and droughts are increasing and the lives and businesses are being affected.

Become Active Locally, Nationally and Internationally!

Your actions to reduce global warming can extend beyond how you personally reduce your own emissions. We all have influence on our schools, on our businesses and on our society, through how we make purchases, invest, take action and vote. Here are some ways you can have a positive effect on global warming…

Change a Light
Replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 lbs of carbon dioxide a year.

Drive Less
Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit. You’ll save one lb of carbon dioxide for every mile you do not drive.

Recycle More
You can save 2400 lbs of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste.

Check Your Tires
Keeping your tires inflated properly can improve gas mileage by more than 3%.

Use Less Hot Water
It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerhead and by washing your clothes in cold and warm water.