Beer Vs. Wine

Beer Vs. Wine
Which pairs better with great cuisine; beer or wine? It wasn’t too long ago that this question would have had you be-headed by wine snobs. But beer is being recognized more and more as an excellent companion to more than just pretzels and beer.Cork in Westmont, NJ is hosting a beer vs. wine dinner on Tuesday, May 8th at 7 PM. Guests will be served a four course menu with each course paired with both a wine and a beer.

The dinner will present commentary by “Wine Guys” from Fedway & Associates, Adam Gilette and Bill Henderson. The “Beer Guys” will be represented by Dave Masterson and Ray Buram from Hunterdon Brewing Company.

Guests will keep score of their favorite beer or wine pairings.

The four course meal with beer and wine samples goes for $45 per person.

Cork [Official Site]