Philly Food Blog Round Up

When we first started Foobooz the idea of a Philly Food Blog Round Up would have consisted two sites but how times have changed,

Blogalicious takes a look at Cafe de Laos which features Lao and Thai cuisine near the Italian Market. [Blogalicious]

Adam Erace also takes a trip to the Franklin Fountain. [Blogalicious]

Finding Philly finds that Southwark does indeed serve a “really effing good” Manhattan. [Finding Philly]

New blog Foodzings describes his favorite Mexican spot, Taqueria La Michoacana in Norristown. [Foodzings]

Foodzings also tries out West Philadelphia’s Copabanana and says the burgers are really good. [Foodzings]

How long a wait for two at Sabrina’s Cafe for Sunday brunch? How about two hours! That’s how long it took Gas•tron•o•my to get a table but their patience and appetite were rewarded. [gas•tron•o•my]

Metroblogging sits down at Tria and is now obsessed with the argula and beet salad. [Metroblogging Philadelphia]