Grasshoppers At Tequilas

Rick Nichols gets pressure from David Suro of Tequilas to try his latest dish, grasshoppers.

In a warm tortilla slathered with creamy avocado, they taste great, providing a crackling chew and hit of salt and garlic. (Priced at $15.95 for a heaping ounce with avocado, lime and two soft tortillas.)

A grasshopper is, it turns out, all about flakiness and crunch – an initial sensation of the Spanish peanut’s flaky skin; then the hollow crunch of fried pork rind.

The flavor? Well it’s like anything oil-fried in garlic and lime, salt and chile, geared to maximize the lust for beer or, perhaps, a snifter of the bar’s high-end, blanco tequila.

A big leap into grasshopper gastronomy [Philadelphia Inquirer]