Embrace Craft Beer

Kirsten Henri has a novel solution to dealing with the state liquor control board’s monopoly, don’t. Drink beer instead!

There’s no need to spin this excellent local product. Craft beer offers sophistication without pomposity and has just as many (if not more) complex flavor profiles and textures as wine.

You want great customer service? Head to a beer store like the Foodery, and employees like Jeff Slick will expertly guide you using actual beer knowledge and a genuine love of the product. And if you just want something quick, you can buy beer at your local deli with little fanfare. The point is you have the choice.

Most bars here have local beer to offer—maybe it’s just Yuengling Lager, but often you’ll find excellent selections from Yards, Stoudt’s, Sly Fox, Victory, Lancaster and Troegs. Beer is a big part of our local history. Before Prohibition, Philadelphia was a tremendous beer town with a slew of breweries, many operated by German immigrants. In fact, the first American lager was brewed here in 1840. We’re a beer burg—not a wine town.

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