Blackened Cajun Green Beans

Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey of Phillyist recently left her routine of L2 and the Ten Stone and headed to Grace Tavern at 23rd and South Streets where she tried Grace’s blackened Cajun green beans.

At the suggestion of the L2 bartender, we got burgers. And instead of fries: the blackened cajun green beans. With a spicy remoulade sauce. They were amazing—especially considering that, by the time our food arrived, I was well on my way past tipsy, and food always tastes better with alcohol. Even if it’s crap. These green beans, however? Decidedly not crap. I highly recommend them, even if you’re sober.

There you have it, blackened Cajun green beans, decidedly not crap!

Foodsday Tuesday: Amazing Grace [Phillyist]