Is The Royal A Dive?

Royal Tavern - Not a dive
Blogalicious visits the Royal Tavern and aptly describes the food but does call the Passyunk Avenue hipster spot a dive.

Back to East Passyunk today, for lunch at Royal Tavern, a hipster haunt shadier than Michael Vick’s “water bottle.” It’s a dive bar if you’ve ever seen one (which is ironic since a joint called Dive Bar is right next door), brought to you by Dave Frank and Stephen Simons, the dudes behind Khyber and the Cantina a few blocks down.

We here at Foobooz wouldn’t put the dive label on the Royal. And we certainly wouldn’t call it shady or grungy either. In fact we’ll go on record calling the Royal one of the better looking bars in the city. From the tin ceiling to the vintage bar the spot qualifies. And we’re big fans of the menu, especially the the daily specials and of course the popcorn sprinkled with truffle oil and pecorino cheese.

Royal Flush [Blogalicious]
Photo by maurGor via Flickr